AP3 is a portable air pump developed for the automotive field.

Ergonomic design, two charging modes, DC power supply and TYPE-C charging. Multiple functions, it can not only inflate tires and balls, but also charge mobile phones and illuminate at night.


3*AA Battery

Over-current protection

PSI range: 0~120PSI

Airflow: 26-30L/min

Continuous use time: About 40 minutes

Noise: 1m≤85dB

User friendly operation Interface

Large screen for a better resolution display, easy to read the number.

The interactive interface is: ball mode, bicycle mode, motorcycle mode, car mode, custom mode(0-120PSI). The user can inflate the inflatable object by adjusting to the corresponding mode. When the air pressure reaches the preset air pressure value, the air pump will automatically stop the inflation, providing a safe and reliable use guarantee for users who are not familiar with the air pressure setting.

Safety first, let you have fun

The tire pressure will change as altitude changes when you drive to high altitude localities, AP3 release value button deflates your tire to a safety pressure and makes you enjoy the driving journey.

Engineering design · Multiple functions

Two charging modes, DC vehicle power supply and TYPE-C charging

Provide inflation of tires, balls, etc.

It provides mobile phone charging and can be illuminated at night

Kit includes

1 X AP3 portable air pump
1 X inflation hose
2 X ball needle
1 storage bag
1 X Manual