Mini, compact, portable, easy to store, easy to carry with bike, compatible with the bottle cage.

It does not take up space, take it and use it at any time, the design of tracheal storage to avoid the loss of trachea, the button on the left side of the product, in areas with high altitude, it can automatically deflate to ensure safe driving.


2*AA Battery

Over-current protection

PSI range: 0~120PSI

Airflow: 20L/min

Continuous use time: About 30 minutes

Noise: 1m≤85dB

Adopt five kinds of air pressure setting operation interface that are convenient for users to use safely.

The interactive interface is: ball mode, bicycle mode, motorcycle mode, car mode, custom mode(0-120PSI). The user can inflate the inflatable object by adjusting to the corresponding mode. When the air pressure reaches the preset air pressure value, the air pump will automatically stop the inflation, providing a safe and reliable use guarantee for users who are not familiar with the air pressure setting.

Built-in high-precision air pressure sensor, intelligent dual digital display, with memory function.

The upper part of the display shows the real-time air pressure value, and the lower part is the preset air pressure value. When the air nozzle is connected to the product, the current value can be displayed to ensure the accuracy of the tire pressure. There are four built-in mode values, and the preset tire pressure can save the data. Do not repeat.

Kit includes

1 X SP198 portable air pump
1 X Inflatable hose
2 X Ball Needle
1 X storage bag
1 X manual