SHENZHEN SMARTNEWO TECHNOLOGY CO,. LTD is a pneumatic products-based R&D, production and sales as one of the factories. Since the launch of our products has won the favor of consumers from all over the world, NEWO will continue to create user-friendly and high quality products, and look forward to more partnerships with you.

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Thank you for your interest in NEWO! We have been deeply involved in the field of air pumps for many years and have established partnerships with numerous well-known brands, such as Baseus, Goodyear, Giant, Dunlop, Energizer and many more. Through our collaborations with these brands, we are able to bring you a wider range of choices and a superior product knowledge and customer service experiences.

Thank you for choosing NEWO! We are a great team that has extensive experience in customizing products exclusively for your brand, whether it’s outdoor air pumps, car air pumps, or SUP air pumps. Our team of over 30 R&D worker that can work on more than 40 ODM projects a year. In 2023, we customized exclusive product solutions for more than ten brands online and offline, creating value for their brands and ensuring uniqueness.

We are committed to working closely with our customers to understand their needs and goals, and to provide customized product solutions based on their brand feature and market positioning. Whether you are in outdoor sports, automotive accessories, or other fields, we can provide you with excellent products and services.

At NEWO, we focus on innovation and quality, and strive to provide the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs. To learn more about our customized services and successful cases,you can visit the page of Cases . Let’s work together to create unique and valuable products for your brand!

As a leader in the smart air pump industry, NEWO products can meet all your inflation needs. At present, we have professional electric ball pumps, bicycle air pumps, car tire inflators, PVC inflatable product air pumps, SUP air pumps, surfing kite air pumps, etc. The products are fashionable in design, powerful in function and stable in quality, and are currently very popular categories on Amazon and overseas online and offline channel like Aldi, Costco ,Jula etc.