SUP Air Pump

SUP air pump is specifically designed for inflating inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Newo’s electric paddle board pump has high-efficiency inflation performance, helping users inflate the SUP board quickly and easily, ensuring its stable buoyancy and balance on the water.
Equipped with intelligent control functions, our electric SUP air pump makes operation effortless. Users can adjust pressure settings as needed, initiate the inflation process with a single button press, and monitor inflation pressure in real time through the built-in display screen. This intelligent design ensures precise and convenient inflation. Moreover, our electric paddle board pump adopts a portable and lightweight wireless design that can inflate paddleboards anytime and anywhere.
Our electric SUP air pump offers exceptional versatility beyond just inflating paddleboards. In addition to rapidly inflating paddleboards, it can also function as a portable power source to charge mobile phones or other devices. It is equipped with LED emergency lights, providing illumination during nighttime or emergency situations. Furthermore, aside from paddleboards, our electric air pump effortlessly handles various inflation needs such as inflatable tents, swimming pools, and inflatable toys, offering users a broader range of inflation solutions to meet diverse inflatable demands across different scenarios.

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