Electric Bike Pump BL01



Electric Bike Pump BL01
  • Max 120PSI digital display

  • 15-20L/M super fast inflation

  • High pressure start-up

  • Auto-shut off

  • Easy operation

  • Battery and Charging Specifications The BL01 is powered by a 500mAh (7.4V / 3.7Wh) battery with overcharge and over-discharge protection voltage of 8.4V/6V. It charges in less than 1 hour and has a lifespan of 100 cycles with ≥80% original capacity retention. The LCD dual-screen displays unit values in PSI and battery levels with three bars.Performance and Usage With an approximate working power of 40W, the BL01 utilizes a small brushless pump. It operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -10 to 45 degrees Celsius. The inflation pressure range is 2-120 PSI with an inflation speed of 14L/min. The battery lasts 5-7 minutes on a single charge, capable of inflating about 7 mountain bike tires at 38PSI or 2 road bike tires at 100PSI. The noise level is ≦80dB at a distance of 1.5 meters.

    Charging Interface and Parameters The BL01 features a Type-C charging interface, supporting both A to C and C to C connections. The charging parameters are 5V/1A, ensuring fast and efficient charging.

    Key Features

    • High-Precision Pressure Sensor: Ensures accurate pressure settings with a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.
    • Automatic Stop: Automatically stops inflating when the preset pressure is reached, providing safe usage.
    • Over-Temperature Protection: Additional safety feature to prevent overheating.
    • Fast Charging and Long Battery Life: Charges in less than an hour with a 100-cycle lifespan.
    • LCD Dual-Screen Display: Displays pressure values and battery levels for easy monitoring.
    • Low Noise Operation: Operates quietly with a noise level of ≦80dB.
    • Versatile Charging Interface: Supports Type-C charging for convenience.

    The BL01 is an ideal choice for cyclists looking for a reliable, portable, and easy-to-use air pump for their biking needs.

Electric Bike Pump BL01

Electric Bike Pump BL01

Product Size


Product NW


Working Power


Operating Temperature


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  • Specs

    Product Details

    Maximum Range 120PSI
    Power Supply 500 mAh Battery Pack
    Types of Tire Pressure PSI
    Main Feature Portable & Cordless & Fast inflation
    LED Light Yes
    Air Flow 15L-18L/M
    Product Size 70x53x77mm
    Product NW 108g




    What Is the Maximum Air Pressure the Inflatable Pump Can Reach?

    Up to 120PSI,

    How Many Kinds of Objects Can the Inflatable Pump Inflate?

    motorcycle tires, road bike tires, basketballs, rugby balls, volleyballs, soccer balls,  (including but not limited to).

    What Is the Inflation Efficiency of the Inflatable Pump?

    For a 700C mountain bike tyre, the inflation flow rate is 15-18 litres per minute, the pressure is about 80-110 PSI and it takes about 50 seconds.

    In Addition to Inflation He Has Other Functions?

    With LED lighting,

    What Is the Charging Method of the Inflatable Pump?

    It uses USB-Type C cable charging.

    How Long Does It Take to Charge the Inflatable Pump?

    Charging time is about 1 hours.

    How Long Can the Charging Power of the Inflatable Pump Support the Use Time?

    A full charge can be used for about 10 minutes.

    What Is the Noise Level of the Inflatable Pump?

    80dB at a distance of 1 meter.

    What Is the Weight of the Inflatable Pump?

    About 108g.

    How Long Is the Warranty Period of the Inflatable Pump?

    The warranty period is one year.

    What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Using the Inflatable Pump?

    It is not easy to use the inflatable pump for more than 3 minutes continuously, please note that the temperature of the air tube connection may reach up to about 70°, please do not touch it immediately after finishing the inflation.

    Can the Inflatable Pump Be Used in Outdoor Environment?

    Yes, the inflatable pump can be used in -10°~40° environment.

    What Is the Length of the Inflatable Tube of the Inflatable Pump?


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