Electric SUP Air Pump NW02



Electric SUP Air Pump NW02
  • Max 20PSI

  • 4*2200mAh Battery

  • 100L/M

If you need a good air pump, our electric SUP air pump is your best choice. It has the following features:

Large battery capacity, 4*2200mAh batteries, enough to inflate multiple inflatable paddle boards.

Fast inflation speed, can output 100L of air flow per minute, can reach up to 20PSI of pressure, making your inflatable paddle board more firm and stable.

Powerful function, not only can inflate inflatable paddle boards, but also can act as a power bank to charge your phone or other devices, and has an LED emergency light, giving you a light source at night or in emergency situations.

Portable and lightweight, wireless design, allowing you to inflate your inflatable paddle board anytime and anywhere, without worrying about finding a power source or having a too short cable.

Wide range of applications, in addition to inflatable paddle boards, can also inflate inflatable tents, inflatable swimming pools, inflatable toys and other items that need inflation.

Our electric SUP air pump is a multifunctional, efficient and convenient product that makes your outdoor activities more easy and enjoyable.

Electric SUP Air Pump NW02

Electric SUP Air Pump NW02

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    Product Details

    Battery 4*2200mAh
    Maximum Range Max 20PSI
    Air Flow 100L/M super fast inflation
    Main Feature Power bank, Cordless and portable, LED emergency light, Multi-scenario use-Inflatable tent/SUP etc.




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