Compact Tire Inflator Series KP01



Compact Tire Inflator Series KP01
  • 150PSI

  • 2000*2mAh Battery Pack


  • Portable & Cordless

  • yes

  • 22L-28L/M

【All-in-One】Equipped with 4 valve adapters, the Newo KP01 Compact Tire Inflator can inflate a variety of objects, including cars, motorcycles, bikes, and balls. It can inflate up to 3 car tires (0-100%) on a single charge.

【Cordless & Compact】Inflate anytime, anywhere with the Newo KP01 Compact Tire Inflator. Its cordless feature makes it easy to use and carry the electric tire pump, and it produces less noise during operation compared to other inflators. It makes a great gift for anyone who drives.

【Easy-to-Read Display & Auto Shut-Off】The pressure level, unit, mode, and battery level are accurately displayed in real-time on a large LED screen, even in low-light conditions. The air compressor will automatically shut off when the preset pressure is reached, so you don’t have to worry about over-inflation.

【Multifunctional LED Flashlight】The tire inflator is equipped with a powerful LED flashlight that helps you find the valve easily in the dark. It’s also suitable for emergency lighting and calling for help. Tip: Most of the air machines outside are broken, so it’s wise to have a tire air pump for each of your cars, motorcycles, bikes, etc.

Compact Tire Inflator Series KP01

Compact Tire Inflator Series KP01

Product Size


Product NW


  • Specs

    Product Details

    Maximum Range 150PSI
    Power Supply 2000*2mAh Battery Pack
    Types of Tire Pressure PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM²
    Main Feature Portable & Cordless
    LED Light Yes
    Air Flow 22L-28L/M
    Product Size 153*67*43.5mm
    Product NW 410g




    What Is the Maximum Air Pressure the Inflatable Pump Can Reach?

    Up to 150PSI, 10.4Bar.

    How Many Kinds of Objects Can the Inflatable Pump Inflate?

    Car tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, road bike tires, basketballs, rugby balls, volleyballs, soccer balls, small size swim rings (including but not limited to).

    What Is the Inflation Efficiency of the Inflatable Pump?

    Inflation flow rate of 28-32L per minute, about 2.0-2.4 bar for a typical car tire of 16 inches from about 2 minute 30 seconds.

    In Addition to Inflation He Has Other Functions?

    With LED lighting, rechargeable battery function.

    What Is the Charging Method of the Inflatable Pump?

    It uses USB-Type C cable charging.

    How Long Does It Take to Charge the Inflatable Pump?

    Charging time is about 3-4 hours.

    How Long Can the Charging Power of the Inflatable Pump Support the Use Time?

    A full charge can be used for about 20 minutes.

    What Is the Noise Level of the Inflatable Pump?

    80dB at a distance of 1 meter.

    What Is the Weight of the Inflatable Pump?

    About 410g.

    How Long Is the Warranty Period of the Inflatable Pump?

    The warranty period is one year.

    What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Using the Inflatable Pump?

    It is not easy to use the inflatable pump for more than 10 minutes continuously, please note that the temperature of the air tube connection may reach up to about 70°, please do not touch it immediately after finishing the inflation.

    Can the Inflatable Pump Be Used in Outdoor Environment?

    Yes, the inflatable pump can be used in -10°~40° environment.

    What Is the Length of the Inflatable Tube of the Inflatable Pump?


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