Hazards of Low Tire Pressure

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  • 2023.04.03
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Increase in the coefficient of friction with the road, increase in rolling resistance and rise in fuel consumption.

Increases the movement of all parts of the tire and causes abnormal heating of the tire due to excessive crushing.

The function of the cord and rubber is reduced, and some parts may be pressed out of the “crease”, causing delamination or excessive friction between the broken cord and the rim, resulting in damage to the bead area and abnormal wear.

Long time tire pressure is too low, the air is not enough to support the tire driving deformation, most of the force will be transferred to the tire wall, tire side at the same time produce flexural movement, easy to crack, resulting in excessive heat, prompting rubber aging, cord layer fatigue, cord fracture, but also to increase the tire grounding area, accelerate the tire shoulder wear, and even bulge burst tire.

Hazards of Low Tire Pressure

Now quite a few owners do not have the skills to replace the spare tire alone, such as tires in an emergency, or special circumstances, a small car inflatable pump plays a huge role. I heard a friend talking about their own a flat tire, a tie when the tire. To one side of the spare tire, the other to fill the air, an inflatable pump took him out of trouble. And I have also encountered the problem of tire deflation, with an inflatable pump to fill the air immediately drive to the nearby auto repair store to fill the tire, you can minimize economic losses and ensure driving safety.

Special areas such as the temperature difference between day and night, the temperature difference between the four seasons in the region, the strong change in climate on behalf of the tire pressure should also change. And according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, low temperature conditions, tire pressure will naturally reduce. For the sake of safety, it is also necessary to add extra tire pressure, so owners of these areas always have one can be very convenient to deal with.

What about other situations? Or poor me, experienced by the artificial tire deflation, the morning up to find that the tires are out of air, how to do at this time? To go to work in a hurry, change the spare tire, or call someone to come over to fix the tire? Either cost money or time and effort, at this time if you have a car inflatable pump in your car, just give him enough gas, enough to drive to the store and then take a taxi to work on their own, simple and practical.

Therefore, the understanding of the past, car inflatable pump may be a year not a few tools, but it will be more solid, equivalent to an extra safeguard, which is called preparedness. As long as it is not a new car within a year, this object I believe one day will be used. And the use of a wide range of scenarios, such as bicycles, electric cars, children’s basketball, swimming laps, air beds, etc., whether as a car or daily household are very convenient.

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