How Is a Football Properly Inflated?

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  • 2023.04.03
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The correct inflation of a football – with not too much and not too little air – is a hotly debated topic among footballers. In this blog post we cover everything you need to know about “inflating football” and give you tips on how to optimally prepare your ball for the next training or game.

To inflate your football you need a Ball Pump or a compressor with a ball needle. The ball needle – or valve needle – is inserted directly into the valve of the football, which is why you should make sure that the valve needle is specially designed for balls. Otherwise the ball valve can be damaged. How much air pressure you have to inflate the football with is usually indicated next to the ball valve. Depending on the ball, an air pressure between 0.6 and 0.8 bar is required. You should definitely pay attention to this information so that the ball is not unnecessarily stressed by too high air pressure, or you get a worse playing behavior due to too little air. Also, make sure to use the pump evenly so as not to strain the ball unnecessarily.

Optimally Inflated Balls Without an Air Pressure Gauge

How Is a Football Properly Inflated?

But how do you know that the ball has been inflated with the correct air pressure? If you don’t have a ball pump with an integrated air pressure gauge to hand before training or the game, you can use this simple method: Simply push in the ball with your bare hand after inflating – if it gives about 5mm at the seam, the pressure is okay and you are ready for your next game.This means that the pressure can easily be checked by hand – even without an air pressure gauge.

Did you properly fill your soccer ball with your pump before your game in the dressing room or in the equipment room, but it feels flat right at the beginning of the game? Then you should make sure to always inflate your football outdoors. The reason for this is that the warm air contracts when it cools down outside. This can reduce the pressure in the ball by up to 0.2 bar, which makes it feel much flatter.

If you are inflating a new ball with an Air Pump for the first time, we also recommend that you first fill it with 3/4 of the specified number of cash and not immediately fill it completely. Then you should let the ball rest for about 15 minutes, after which you can pump it up to the maximum filling amount.

How Is a Football Properly Inflated?

Effects on Ball Behavior

Every footballer knows that a ball behaves very differently depending on whether it is filled with a lot or little air. The harder a football is inflated, the easier it is for you to control it. It has much better flight characteristics and reacts directly and unadulterated to everything you do. In addition, the football is lighter, which is why it cuts the air better on crosses or passes.However, you shouldn’t overdo it with too high an air pressure. Although balls can no longer burst thanks to their coating, the bladder and the seams are unnecessarily stressed by too much air.

In general, we advise you to train not only with heavily inflated balls, but also with softer balls. Because especially in the lower leagues, it can happen that you have to deal with a less inflated football during a game.In this way you learn to respond to different conditions and to adapt to them. Since a ball is more difficult to control with less air and it is more difficult to give it the necessary momentum with passes, a little practice is required. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to practice this in training. Then you are well prepared for any situation in a game.

NEWO Smart Ball Pump will help you to inflate a ball to target pressure much easier, it fill the ball electrically and will auto shut-off once the target air pressure is reached.

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