Application Scenarios of Car Inflator Pump

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  • 2023.04.03
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1. Often long-distance business trips or play car owners because the road may be more remote areas, in this case if you encounter a tire leak, tire pressure is not enough, there is a car inflatable pump can often support you to find a repair store to solve the problem.

2. Daily urban driving car owners more urban construction, some roads are more complex, the chance of encountering a tire leak or be stabbed is still quite high, often in the Driving process or from the garage and then drive will find a tire leak, in order to save time and manpower, it is impossible to call a tow truck or change the spare tire. In this case, the car inflatable pump filled with gas to the nearest repair store or no problem.

3. High-speed driving car owners common sense high-speed driving, if found that the tire pressure is not normal, must be dealt with immediately to avoid traffic accidents. But the most taboo in the highway roadside spare tire replacement, how many secondary traffic accidents are generated. In this case, the car inflatable pump can ensure that in the case of no damage to the tire wheel driving to the high-speed service area for processing, both to ensure the safety and ensure the economy.

Application Scenarios of Car Inflator Pump

4. Detecting tire pressure timely inflatable car tire pressure is not set in stone, with the time and seasonal changes, tire pressure changes. Tire pressure is too high or too low will rub also can save adverse effects. Too high will be the tires become hard, and the bottom contact area becomes smaller, affecting the braking effect. Compared to the normal tire pressure of the vehicle, tie to the possibility of sharp objects to increase the possibility of tire blowout, while accelerating the wear and tear of the middle of the tread. Too low and the ground contact area becomes larger, due to increased friction leads to increased fuel consumption, while leading to less sturdy tire side wear increased, long-term will lead to cracks and blowouts.

5. In addition to inflating the car tires, in fact, it can also be used for motorcycles, bicycles, swimming laps and balls, etc.. To do a multi-purpose function.

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