Smartnewo’s Innovation Journey: Achievements in Independent R&D within the Pneumatic Industry

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  • 2024.04.12
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The Achievements of Independent Research and Development

Since its establishment, Smartnewo has obtained 19 national invention patents and 35 utility model patents. These patents not only demonstrate our innovative capabilities in the field of pneumatic solutions but also our commitment to maintaining a leading position in technology. Our R&D team invests a significant portion of our income in developing new products every year. Since 2019, we have invested 50 million yuan in R&D, developed more than 60 new products, and successfully launched 160 projects. Our R&D team, composed of over 30 technical personnel from renowned companies such as Huawei, Foxconn, and BYD, continuously develops and iterates new products. Each year, they introduce over 40 new products, leading the development of the car air pump industry in China and globally.

Market Trends and Smartnewo’s Response

According to the latest market reports, the global electric air pump market is expected to maintain steady growth from 2024 to 2031. There is a growing demand for portable air pumps with digital displays, automatic shut-off features, and long battery life. Smartnewo keeps pace with market trends by developing products with these advanced features to meet consumer needs. Our product line ranges from residential to commercial air pumps, each infused with the innovative spirit of Smartnewo. For example, our recently launched smart air pump integrates the latest sensor technology with an automatic stop function, automatically adjusting air pressure according to specific user needs, ensuring effective inflation and significantly enhancing safety.

Case Study: Successful Customer Collaboration Stories

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known enterprises. For instance, we have close collaborations with ALDI and Jula supermarkets, as well as car companies like Ferrari and Volvo. These partnerships not only prove the quality and innovative capacity of our products but also showcase Smartnewo’s successful experience in meeting customer needs. Our products are not only sold in countries like the USA, Germany, Northern Europe, Japan, and South Korea but also have long-term cooperative relationships with brands like Xiaomi and Lenovo, as well as Amazon and independent site Airmoto.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Smartnewo will continue to commit to R&D and innovation, constantly introducing high-quality products that meet market demands. We hope to engage in more OEM and ODM cooperation with more online Amazon and independent site customers, as well as well-known offline supermarkets and TV shopping customers. Our goal is to become a leader in the global car air pump and electric air pump industry, providing customers with an excellent service experience.

Smartnewo’s success is built not only on technological innovation but also on our keen insight into market trends and a deep understanding of customer needs. We will continue to devote ourselves to R&D, constantly introducing high-quality products that meet market demands, and providing customers with an excellent service experience.

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